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Book of Travelers

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I am a backer in this, and it is the first game I backed ever on kickstarter, and honestly I can't wait for October. To me Book of Travelers seems like something new and relaxing to play and the graphics are just gorgeous. I hope it turns into a good multiplayer game, but who knows.

Anyone else seen it?


so basically I am all for this unique graphics and just a chill role playing game, in the end I hope I can play it and find a lot of good people on it and just enjoy myself.

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I like the graphics but I didn't like the gameplay though, I think they are kind of limited with the movement of character, doesn't seem like pure 3D considering its hybrid with platformish style. But yeah all the best to dev studio on future. 

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No denying that it's a desperately pretty game, but It's hard to tell if it's gonna fun to play. I get that's not supposed to be Contra or anything, but even for what is supposed to be a more relaxing, chilled out experience it looks kinda slow with little happening. I gotta say though, I do find the idea that the dev's pretty much made up and entirely new genre of game quite amusing.



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