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Joshua Farrell

Streaming Online Games

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There are a number of games out there that are hosted strictly online, and you can't get a copy of it to save on your device. What games have you played before, that you cannot find anywhere other than through streaming online?

One of my favorite older online streaming games, is Stick RPG 2 (granted, you can pay for the game and download a copy of the "directer's edition" of the game). I can't tell you how man hours I sunk my teeth into this, because of the ever expanding of areas to explore, that X-Gen Studios had been adding to this.

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10 hours ago, skyfire said:

I have currently limited data so the twitch and other streaming are out of my reach and I prefer to keep it that way for some time. 

What provider do you have? I never heard of internet companies limiting data. Not the big ones like Spectrum and Frontier anyway.

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