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What age did you get to be good at gaming?

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Were you always good at video games? Or did you only become good at gaming at a certain age? (and I am using the term “good” relatively here).

I was an abominably bad gamer through my entire childhood. I literally never was able to complete a single game on our NES. I was also a pretty bad PC gamer.

I finally got good at a game around age 13 or so, which was Quake III, specifically CTF mode. And honestly I am still pretty bad at Q3A in general, though not terrible. “Average” I guess.

Anyway, only after that did I gradually get better at gaming in general. I’m not sure why it didn’t click until that age. Was the NES controller just a major problem for me? Was I lacking confidence? Were games just a lot harder before I turned 13ish? Or did my brain or reflexes just not develop to a proper level until then with respect to gaming? Who knows?

What age did you get “good” at gaming?

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I lost so many years between when I was gaming as a kid and then got back into it as an adult, that I really don’t know. I wish I could pick s point, but I lost somewhere around 10 years I think. Possibly more. I do know for a fact that I missed the entire PS2 era.

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I was horrible at some games and great at others even as a kid. My dad used to have me sit on his lap and play Total Annihilation online against my uncle. He'd let me make choices and things knowing full well I wasn't good at them, to help me improve. I'm still only average today at strategy games, but I'm better than I was. As for in general when I became good at games... Some were just inherently good for me, and others were just frustrating.

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7 hours ago, MeowsePad said:

I'm twenty-eight years old, and I'm still waiting to become good at games. Surely I can't be alone. I wouldn't say I'm the worst gamer in the world, but I'm certainly not a pro.

I'm 38 and with a handful of exceptions, I suck. I can count the ones that I really rock on one hand. I used to be good at a lot, but since I missed more than 10 years of gaming, I went rusty as hell, and now suck at almost all of them. Zelda games are virtually the only ones I'm any good at anymore.

But when you're so old that you remember when dirt was the hottest toy on the shelves, it kinda comes with the territory.

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