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TLOU: Is there any chance Riley and Marlene could be related?

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Every time I play Left Behind, I am struck by how similar Riley’s features are to Marlene’s. In fact, they look so similar to me that I actually have to remind myself that there is zero evidence (that I am aware of) that Riley is Marlene’s daughter. That impression of a possible familial relationship also is helped along for me by  Marlene’s attempts to separate Riley and Ellie, though I think her only real motivation for that was to protect Ellie as per her promise to Anna.

Does anyone else here ever have the thought that they could be related? Also, does anyone know whether this possibility is dis-proven by anything concrete in any offshoot materials, i.e. American Dreams?


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On 3/25/2020 at 4:50 AM, Shagger said:

I can confirm that it's cannon, Riley and Marlene aren't related. I believe it is the American Dreams comic that confirms this, but I'd have to check it out again to point out exactly where and how.

Thank you! If you ever run into the reference in the future, please let me know :)

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