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What puzzle were you most proud of solving?

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I was supremely and ridiculously proud of myself this past week because I managed to solve TWO puzzles in a row in TWO games without looking up any hints. To anyone here who is good at solving puzzles, this probably sounds quite silly. But I truly am that pathetic at them. The puzzles I solved were really simple too. But hey, at least I didn’t have to cheat for once.

One of the puzzles just involved stepping in a correct pattern across a floor so as not to die. The other had to do with trying to get a meter up to a certain amount of “full,” and I had to figure out which buttons to press to fill up the meter at the appropriate amounts added together.

I am sure that many here excel at solving much harder puzzles. What puzzles are you particularly proud that you managed to solve either by yourself or with only a minimal amount of assistance?



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In every level, Goblin Sword has 2 treasure chests, and 3 crystals for you to find to fully clear the level. The thing with that is that there are tons of false walls in every level that keep them hidden as well as give you access to otherwise inaccessible areas in the level. It can be frustrating as hell, and a major puzzle to figure out how to get them all. But it's totally worth it. The game is a blast.

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