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How did you find us?

How did you find VGR?  

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  1. 1. How did you find VGR?

    • Search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
    • Social media (Twitter, Youtube, IG)
    • From another website (please list in the comments)
    • Word of mouth
    • Other?

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I found the site via ForumPromotion. The owner or someone else was offering paid writing or paid forum posting, but I was not a big fan (and still not a big fan of) IPB. I just don't like the UI of IPB. But I decided to come despite my apprehensiveness.

I like the work the guys are doing on the mainpage, but the forums just turn me off just because of IPB. I like the design, but I just can't stand the clunkyness of IPB. I'll just struggle and chug along with my time here.

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