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Rumor: ‘Resident Evil 8’ Title, More Info Leaked

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The rumours for the next Resident Evil keep coming. The latest batch, courtesy of Biohazard Declassified, echoes some of what Dusk Golem had mentioned a few days back, along with some brand new tidbits. Check your sodium levels, because once again, none of this has been verified/confirmed by Capcom.

For starters, RE8 has a title: Resident Evil Village. And much like the Resident Evil VII script, Capcom is apparently playing with the font, highlighting the ‘VIII’ in ‘Village’. Also, the game will have a European setting, which is where Ethan from RE7 encounters Chris Redfield.

Speaking of Chris, he will undergo another redesign, and be playing an integral part in RE8. He appears in flashbacks surrounding Ethan, Mia, and apparently their baby. As for enemies, a new one is a Witch that will be similar to Marguerite, in that she operates with insects. She will haunt the player, and has a distinctive laugh.

And as mentioned before, hallucinations will apparently also play a part in the game, further emphasizing the theme of distrust with whomever you meet. The game will apparently return to the Resident Evil 4 inventory management style, so get used to rotating those sprays. Lastly, the game is slated to release in Q1 of 2021, but that might change, given the circumstances.


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