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Help with choosing a game!

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So I'm currently torn between what game to get next! I've been playing MK11 but also looking into some other games. I haven't played RE2 Remake yet, and it's on sale for $20 for a few more days in the Xbox store. I've also been looking at RE HD Remake, Inside, Limbo, LA Noire, and Hollow Knight for the Switch.  Just curious on possible suggestions on where to start lol!  

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There are a few games on Switch that I more than highly recommend.

1) Goblin Sword
2) The Way
3) Blasphemous
4) Warlocks 2: God Slayers
5) Tiny Barbarians
6) Thief Simulator
7) Titan Quest


Goblin Sword is one of the absolute best games you could ever get. It's a side scroller, but so much fun. I've logged probably more than 100 hours since I bought it and will log many more until I have cleared every area.

The Way is another side scroller, but is sci-fi. It's more difficult and trying to figure out things in it, can be really frustrating. But when you figure out what the hell you're supposed to be doing and where you're supposed to go, it's such a rewarding feeling.


Those are my top two recommendations. The others I have listed are amazing games as well, but I prefer those two. Also, if you haven't picked it up yet, I recommend getting Zelda: Links Awakening. I've played it since I was a kid on GameBoy, and when it was remastered for Switch I was blown away. There are so many addons, and upgrades, but the story is still the same. It's definitely worth it. If you're into Final Fantasy, I bought a FF7/FF8 dual game cartridge last year. It has the FF8 remaster, but the FF7 is still the original PS1 graphics. But still, it has both games. My girl is a FF7 nut, and I'm a FF8 nut, so it worked out well for both of us.

I recently bought Skyrim for Switch as well. I tried playing it on my PS3 originally but it was so buggy it more than pissed me off. So I got it on a much newer system hoping they had fixed the majority of the bugs, and so far it seems they have. So if you're into that, I recommend getting it as well.


I can't comment on Xbox, because I'm not a fan of Xbox. I do have a couple games, but can't say I've played them much.

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Thanks so much!  I too am a huge FF8 nut, as it was the first one I played growing up.  Links Awakening I loved growing up, so definitely need to check that out!  I saw the Thief simulator on sale but haven't tried it yet. 

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