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Movies That Can't Be Remade/Updated

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Found this on another forum and figured I'd post here. As we all know, movies tend to get remade quite a bit, and sometimes with a setting update to contemporary times of the new film's release. So thought I'd ask guys what are some movies that can't be remade in your opinion, or at least if they were, can't be updated to modern times. Will list a few I think will apply as well:

Jurassic Park
The Exorcist
Ace Ventura

Just to name a few. Thoughts?

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Blazing Saddles, even though the film is ultimately anti-racist and the use of its... let's say "racial language" is all within that context, there is NO WAY any Hollywood studio would green light it today.  It a classic though!

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13 minutes ago, Bug said:

Jumanji. Like it was remade, but it shouldn’t have been. There was super duper no need for that remake haha.

Agreed. Both remakes were horrible. But that's with most movie remakes.

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Seen many films that have already been remade 😉 However in terms of how good they are, it can be good or worse. The Magnificent Seven back in 2016 was one of those remake and I rather like the old film then the new, yet True Grit remade film was far better then the original back in 1969 who we all know it was John Wayne. 

Avatar in my mind shouldn't be remade, there are films that should not be remade as it's pointless and rather not. Anyway why need since Avatar two is coming in the next 5 years time LOL 

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On 12/15/2020 at 8:49 AM, bomb said:

Avatar can never be remade. It is unique in it's own way or else if they just want to republishes it and improves on the graphics view.

Avatar is actually nothing more than a modern version of Dances With Wolves. The same basic story, just a different setting.

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