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Lord Saru

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1 hour ago, skyfire said:

That was my point. they are designing themselves to be in game and not let you unsub. when you try to you get added to another list. 

Seriously, it's very annoying and a breach of trust by forcing such spams on people who didn't ask for it. I don't really blame a friend of mine who doesn't subscribe to any of this. 

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2 hours ago, skyfire said:

I noticed android has new messages app which shows the HTML and images into the SMS now a days. 

and these rummy apps are showing ads by sending you those flashy SMS. 

What's the name of the android  message app? I haven't really come across it yet. It looks like something that's going to be nice. 

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2 minutes ago, skyfire said:

Nothing new in them except they have their own ROM on the top of android. 

It's actually Hawaii products that I'm looking at diving into. It's not yet decided most likely going to happen. 

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