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Silent Hill

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The Silent Hill franchise is arguably the scariest video game franchise ever. Perhaps it's more terrifying than even Resident Evil. But while everybody was excited about P.T. way back in 2015, the game Silent Hills (on which it was based), was ultimately axed after Hideo Kojima's highly public fallen out with Konami, and then his departure from Konami followed soon thereafter.

Over the years, fans have gotten very little in the way of rumours about a game that could follow up from 2012's Silent Hill: Downpour, until the industry insider "Dusk Golem" on Twitter started to broadcast more details, about the supposedly in development soft reboot, which is meant to be just that, apparently. It's not intended to be a remake at all. And he said it's also in a playable state.

Then today, I just seen this placeholder on Amazon. Could it be that Konami is indeed planning to reveal a new game in the series at the PS5 event? Well, sit tight, as the event is actually going underway tonight, at 9 PM BST. 😱


What are some of your favourite moments from the series? 

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