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[Mobile Game] Gate of Mobius

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Genre(s) Action role-playing,and Casual MMORPG

Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer, PVP


One day you are trapped in a place where there are many gates, you are not trapped alone, you are trapped with a girl named Alice. to find your way home you must explore each of these gates. and at that time the journey to find a way home began.


Gate of Mobius (GOM) is an ARPG combins of action, strategy and magic.  GOM world is a cominbation of different well know fairy tales.  Join the world with your friends and enjoy the stories of different characters!




Card Drawing and Character skills

Cast your spell! While each character has its own unique card and values, draw your cards to implement particular magic or skill. Before entering into a game, you can allocate upto three cards into the card deck.



Story Mode and PvP Mode

Form a fantasic team up to three to challenge different story levels and to versus other teams in the world.





You can get more powerful equipment and strengthening materials by completing story missions to enhance character values and skills.





Tailor made your character in GOM!

You can customize your own character by combination of clothes and gears.




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Just now, goblin29gamer said:

why you said this spam ? 

Because you're promoting a game as your first forum post. I'll leave this thread open but please contribute to the forum - you and your content will receive more respect from our established community members.

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I assume you guys are promoting to get downloads on the play store but you guys need gameplay videos and also need to approach the small gamers on facebook and youtube. That way your efforts to reach more people would be easier. Always have some gameplays for people to watch so they can decide before download. 

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On 12/31/2020 at 3:50 PM, Peterlight said:

I think he just sign-up to promote the game, he should apply for sponsorship on this site.

It's very clear what he or she was getting at and it's all up to the administrators to let it go or take it down immediately. 

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