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Anyone here use CDKeys.com?

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You all make a good point. I never thought about it this way. I just think EA doesn't deserve the amount of money for the Sims EPs that they charge for them. It is ridiculous. I realize a lot goes into making them but they overprice the EPs by far and those are the only games I go on there to get the keys for.

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I have used them yes, but not from CDKeys. I only use two sites that I tend to trust and been using them for years. HumbleBundle and hrkgame 🙂

Never had any problems with them and they offer good games at a good price factor. Saved allot of money rather then getting the game of from the steam store. 

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The saying "if it's too good to be true, it probably is" applies to a lot of what are called "grey market" sellers. 'Grey' because they're not 100% known to be legitimate, but not 100% proven to be illegal. While I can understand wanting to hurt a publisher by buying from a different store front, you could also be buying something that was obtained via illegitimate means, or risking your own credit/debit card details. I'm also very wary of any digital storefront that offers protection like G2A's at an additional cost to ensure you get a working key.... surely that should be standard service, right?

Here's a few sites you can trust:

  • Humble
  • Fanatical (formerly Bundle Stars)
  • Greenmangaming (GMG)
  • Itch.io

It's not an extensive list by any means, but I frequent the top three of those for some cracking deals. They're not always the most competitive (for that you want grey market, that comes with a lot of risk), but they'll often beat Steam's lowest prices even during their famous sale events like the current one. ^^

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I've been using cdkeys for years maybe a decade. Never had a problem with them. They buy retail copies of games in bulk and resell the keys online. They are cheaper than b&m exactly because they have no b&m facilities to upkeep. There is nothing illegal about it. You are mistaking it for kingui, g2a and similar marketplaces where they actually sell keys obtained by way of credit card fraud / credential theft / phising.

I also used to use gmg, but they went off the deepend with their prices. They are now more expensive than physical copies I can buy locally, so in that case I'd rather get that.

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Oh wow! I never even thought about whether codes could be stolen. I always viewed CDkeys as a legitimate source. It's been a few years since I've purchased anything from them. I rarely even buy games from Steam anymore. Perhaps when I retire I can get back into it. :)

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