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Have you ever dreamt about a video game?

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5 hours ago, skyfire said:

Not so hard, if you ever get VR and it makes habit for you then the dreams from the game would become norm for you. 

Yeah, I want to try VR. I can totally see VR help with dreaming. It would make sense since it puts you into it, and it feels more real. 

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It happens to me if it's a new game series, which I often play regularly. If it happens that I wasn't pleased with how I played overall with AI I'll be frustrated and the frustrations takes me to the dream world, where I'm replying the game to correct my downtime, Lol. 

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I just started GTA 5 and put in some hours; last night I dreamt about the game in a long dream it seemed. I went around and did a bunch of quests. I woke up confused wondering if I actually did those quests in the game. Then wakeful reality set in, and once again I see the burning flames of hell called real life. 🙃

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