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What browser games have you lost the most time to?

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Please share which browser games you have lost the most time playing. Probably Slither.io and Agar.io for me, I still play them to this very day. The strategy element of growing bigger than other players is what makes these titles enjoyable too.

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I played 2 browser games a lot when I was a kid. One was a Facebook game called Mini Planet and another called Fight My Monster. Neither exist anymore sadly, but I spent so much time on them games. Just typing their names brings back a lot of memories.

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There are a lot of options for browser based games. One that immediately comes to mind is Krunker. It's a first person shooter in a blocky style, similar to Minecraft, but runs like CS GO. It's pretty fun if you can get a full lobby of people. The site is krunker.io 

There are many pictionary clones I like to, as well as a clone of Cards against humanity. 😄

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