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Buying used games off eBay or Amazon - is that something you would consider?

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I’ve bough a lot of games on eBay, and never had a bad experience. Some have come from overseas, others from here in North America. Most have been stateside though. All have worked as they should, no issues at all. I even bought a couple Pocket Stations before FF8 was remastered and rereleased. It’s the only way to get certain items if you’re playing it on the PS1. 

I can’t comment on Amazon, as I haven’t really ever shopped there much. I’m not saying I’ve never shopped there, just that I haven’t a lot. But the times I did, I can’t say I had any bad experiences there either.

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2 hours ago, Shagger said:

By games of eBay is pretty much like buying anything else off eBay. There's always a risk of the game not being in as good condition as described.

Agreed. But not only that, if you buy a digital code the seller can claim they delivered a valid working code to you when infact they did not and unfortunately the buyer has no recourse. Ebay and Paypal offer seller's protection and it's impossible for a buyer to prove whether the a code is invalid or already redeemed by someone else. I've witnessed this first hand.

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I've never bought any games off eBay but I have on a local site called Kijiji which is kind of like eBay. I usually don't like buying used games as there is always a risk that the quality of the disc was not as described. I mostly just wait until the game goes on sale or they lower the price (which is like 3 to 5 years after the release date lol)

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