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What's next for Nintendo?

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The Switch has been a beast since its release all the way back in 2017 and continues to sell like crazy. It's been 3 years since its release and there's already been a Switch Lite. Do you suspect we'll be seeing another switch at some point? Maybe a switch 2 that's suped up with better hardware. I have a feeling that is what will happen once people have time with the new PS5 and Xbox. The Switch will survive for a while though, but maybe the next two years, we'll see a Switch 2.

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I have a feeling that, after seeing the success of the Switch, Nintendo may be leaving the home console market and focus more on portable systems yet offer the ability to play on a television. Like the docking ability with the Switch. I have a Switch Lite, and absolutely love it. I'm on it all the time. It even has ports of some of my favorite games that were never offered on a Nintendo system like FF8. So if they focused on portable systems, they would be an unstoppable force since Sony and Microsoft would be focusing more on their home consoles. PSP and PS Vita never did all that well, while Game Boy and its variations (GB Color, GBA, GB Pocket, etc.) were in high demand. And to my knowledge Xbox has never even had a portable system.

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