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Take-Two says next-generation game price hikes won’t be universal

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Article Source: Digital Trends

So good news, some games may not cost $70 during the next gen console gen. Take-Two thinks not all games will be priced that, they will go by a title-to-title basis. So yeah, maybe one game will be priced at $70, but their other game could be $60. 


I call BS on it though. I think once $70 price tags were brought up, more studios will just fall into line with it. Ubisoft says they plan to charge $60 for their games. But who's to say that will last down the line. We could see $70 become the new standard. On top of that, expect them to still throw us micro-transactions and loot crates and all that. 

What do you think? Will more studios raise their pricing to $70? At least in the US, it will differ all over I imagine. 

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