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Watch Dogs: Legion

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I can't believe no one made a topic about this yet. Who's getting Watch Dogs: Legion when it comes out? It's for sure a day one buy for me, as I really loved Watch Dogs 2. I didn't care for the first game though, but then again, I didn't give it much of a chance. 

Anyway, the new change I like about this one, is that you can play as multiple people. You can recruit people all over the in game world, and you can play as them. So essentially you can play as nearly everyone in the game. I believe they still have perma-death, but it's now a toggle option. So if you turn perma-death off, and your character dies, they will instead be put on a cool down and be sent to a hospital. But with perma-death, that person is gone for good. Will you play with it on or off? 

Here's a little taste of the game in action:


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11 hours ago, KuroInDistress said:

Wasn't a fan of any of the Watch dogs games unfortunately, especially about the fiasco that was Watch dogs 2. Feels like Ubisoft did something moderately well with the first game and are just trying to cash in now. I hope Legion is good though

I thought WD2 was a vast improvement over the original game. A lot of people hated on the original game because it was a down-grade from what they announced it as. But for me, Watch Dogs 2 was so much more fun. The point was to utilize hacking a lot, and I think they did a great job with that portion of the game. The shooting and fighting was also nice, and running around the city with that easy parkour movement, was also quite nice. 

But it is Ubisoft, so I understand. They're not a very good company these days. 

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