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Do you think the Xbox Series X will be compatible with old peripherals?

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We already know kinect is done, and won't be featured in the backwards compatibility of the Xbox Series X, but most Xbox original, 360 and One games will be compatible on the new console. Do you think the Xbox One controller will work with the Xbox Series X? I sure hope so, because the way controllers are priced these days, I don't want to have to buy expensive controllers. I've been seeing Xbox One controllers going for like $80 at most places and I don't get it. 


What do you guys think? Will the Xbox series x work with Xbox one peripherals? I doubt they would work with the 360 controller though. But that would be cool. 

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Yes. You don't have to worry about purchasing a new controller if you're planning on buying the Xbox Series X. Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox One Controllers will still work with the latest release. They are practically the same design anyway.


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