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Donkey Kong

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You didn't say if you mean the original Donkey Kong or other games. I will speak about both cases.

The first Donkey Kong is really limited, it has only 4 stages and repeats the cycle again and again until game over. Same for the sequels. But there is a really cool version, Donkey Kong for Game Boy, it has a lot of new mechanics, and 100 levels and is one of the best games for such handheld. Other game with similar gameplay is Mario vs Donkey Kong for Game Boy Advance.

The Donkey Kong Country saga is really spectacular and is today considered the main universe for Donkey Kong. My favourite game is DKC 2 Diddy's Kong Quest, it has the best levels and music, too bad I can't play with Donkey Kong himself here, so the first game is one of my favourites too, but gameplay was more limited and simple. The DKC Returns for Wii is great, almost a perfect platformer, but the villains are really lame compared to the Kremlins, Tropical Frezze could be better but I haven't played it yet.

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