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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

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Has anyone here played this game yet? It came out a little while ago, and it's blown up since. It's all over twitch, and all over social media. Essentially it's a Battle Royale game where you play a little bean and your objectives from what I see, is racing to a finish line while running through an obstacle course. I have not yet played it, but I am thinking of buying it for PC soon, as I think it'd be fun to stream.

There are different type of levels. If you don't make it to a finish line, you don't qualify. If you fall, you're eliminated. Etc. That's all I know about the game. 



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I heard Fall Guys is already the most streamed game in 2020 somewhere. It really took the gaming world by storm. The concept is great but over time games like this get boring. How do you stop a game from becoming boring? Regular updates - something Epic Games have mastered and I really hope Mediatonic have taken notes because this game has huge potential still and it would be a shame for it to die because of a lazy team. 

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