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What could Nintendo do next to re-invent themselves?

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Nintendo has done some creative things over the years. They created the Wii, the DS, 3DS, and of course, the Switch. They always seem to re-invent themselves when things start to get bad. What do you think Nintendo would do next after the Switch line is done? Rumors are saying they're going to make a better switch in 2021, but what about the future after the switch has its final days? Will we see a traditional console from Nintendo? Or, will they continually upgrade the switch? I can see them doing the latter, because the switch just works. And it'd probably be simple for them to perfect it even more. What do you guys think?

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If they were going to do something along those lines, I would see them going to a straight up VR market eventually. They may make some so called "improvements" or upgrades to the Switch and release a Switch 2, or Switch Pro or some other title. But personally, I'm more than happy with my Switch Lite.

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