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Do you think Nintendo will ever try VR again?

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Nintendo may have been one of the first to try VR with their Virtual Boy console that came out in the 90s if I remember correctly. It was a promising little toy, but it wasn't practicle and didn't work all that well. But, couldn't Nintendo revive the Virtual Boy and make a new one that matches the standards of the Oculus Rift or any of the other VR headsets out there? I think it's possible and I would love to see Nintendo revive the brand. 

What do you think?

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It's not a bad idea, but I think they're still a little gun shy due to the monumental failure of the Virtual Boy. That thing damaged not only their bank account, but their reputation as well, for a long time. It's one of the many factors in why they worked so hard on the N64. They didn't want to go back to being a playing card company.

But, as gaming progresses and advances, I can foresee Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox all three possibly going into the VR market at some point. But also with the success of the Switch, I can also see Nintendo leaving the home console market and focusing strictly on portable systems. Only time will tell though. I mean aside from those that only game on PC, who wasn't happy to have Skyrim and The Witcher on a portable device?

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If they do VR, I would love for them to call it the virtual boy 2.0 or something, or just virtual boy. I think it's the best name. Cause I don't see them coming up with like VR Switch or something. 

I think VR is the natural progression we're heading to anyway. If anything, I can see people having little consoles the size of VR headsets, and that's what consoles will be.

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