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Nintendo releasing a new Game & Watch with Super Mario Bros.

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This is kind of old news, but I don't see any mention of it here, so I figured I'd make a topic about it. For Mario's 35th anniversary, Nintendo is releasing a special edition Game & Watch that replicates what they used to look like, but has Super Mario Bros, and The Lost Levels (Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan). It also comes with a version of a Game & Watch game, but with Mario instead. As well, you can use it as a clock. I guess it has cool animations. I kind of want it just for that purpose. Just look how sexy this thing is: 


It's going to cost ya $49.99 though. 

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I'm going to have to disagree with you here, this whole "35th Anniversary" thing is Nintendo's excuse for taking the absolute piss.  $50 for this one game handheld is insane but what's even worse is the absolute bullshit "Super Mario 3D All-Stars" that includes Super Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy.   "Remastering" (notice the quotations) is fair enough but they are only going to put these on sale for 6 months! SIX FUCKING MONTHS!!!  So you gotta be fucking quick otherwise you will have no choice but to pick up a copy from an asshole scalper that they are already pushing online for $200!!


This an expressly big slap ion the face to Mario 64 fans (like myself) because someone was working on a full remake of Mario 64 in Unreal Engine.  But as per Nintendo standard bullshit, they sent a cease and desist when they could just simply worked with the devs and released the AMAZING looking remake.



FYI:  The remake looks nowwhere as good as this.



Instead, we get a "remake" that looks barely any different the original and some scalper is going to charge you hundreds of dollars for.  Nintendo, I have only this to say:



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