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Do you ever think Call of Duty will end?

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Call of Duty has been a yearly released game since COD 4 I believe. And ever since the franchise continues to grow. You can argue it's lost some popularity, but it seems with each new release more people jump into it. There were times where I absolutely hated Call of Duty, but now, I can't get enough of Modern Warfare and am looking forward to Black Ops Cold War. It feels like things are going back to the way it used to be, and it's kind of exciting. Anyway, do you think COD will ever end? 

Right now, there are three studios working on COD, Treyarch, and Infinity Ward work on their own games, while Ravensoft in the past did their own games (Advanced Warfare) and have been helping Infinity Ward and Treyarch to make their games lately. 

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This franchise has lost all spirit and only sells through it's name. There was a time COD was revolutionary, but then they added jetpacks to answer to Titanfall, made Black Ops 4 a multiplayer only title with BR because of the success of PUBG and Fortnight and added aggressive microtransactions because it's Activation and in their mind that was becoming acceptable. 


To summarize, Call of Duty, what was once the gold standard and trend setter in multiplayer and FPS gameplay is now a trend follower. A cash cow that has no value beyond its own name, and even that name has limited credibility now.


So in answer to the question, we can only hope it dies. Call of Duty itself can't even live up to Call of Duty any more.

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Now that they have recently moved to the mobile and the tablets. I don't see they ending in next 5 years. Unless ofcourse some CEO scandal happens and the thing about the game may end up in wrong ditch. I guess in that case they may get in trouble but the closure is less likely now. 

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