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Talking to strangers

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That is a moot point for me. I don't talk to people unless I'm forced to. Posting on this forum is the closest I come to talking to people when it comes to gaming. I do have a friend that I have emailed with for a while. Initially we matched due to our love of gaming, but have clicked on other topics. So while it was initially gaming that got us talking, we became friends on life views and experiences.

I will say that it feels weird as fuck to have someone that I can call a friend. I've never been able to do that before.

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Yeah I don't usually talk to people online. I tend to stay in a party by myself. Or, if I do game, it's usually with my friends. I don't like meeting new people on games anyway. Had to deal with too much of the annoying lobbies back in the day. Especially call of duty, which was full of people saying idiotic stuff. 

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Part of the reason I don't game online is because I can't be bothered to talk to strangers. But if I must I prefer typing over voice. I don't even have a mic, and I'll never get one for my PC.

I prefer single player games. No chance for NPCs to try and chat you up.

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