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Reality vs Adventure

Are baby boomers authoritarians?

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I think there is a big correlation between baby boomers and trump's make america great again bell song for authoritarianism. The baby boomer population is very large in USA demographics. You would think they would be concerned by healthcare, which this administration gives a hoot about. And even if they come up with a half asses plan 1.5 months before election, shows their concern. Especially after a major botched pro death response to a pandemic. 

But most baby boomers are white. They lived through segregation, 60's era reform, and WERE fresh from the fight against fascism. But, yet, they clearly want authoritarianism and dictatorship. Their privilege leaves them nothing to protest about, except to not wear a face mask during a pandemic. So, they care nothing for the freedom of speech of protestors and would love the U.S. military to kill protestors. What do they care? 

Baby boomers have houses and have money passed down and made it through hard work privilege. Studies paid off.

I live in klanville deep in the country behind enemy lines of the old white baby boomers that walk around with stink eye. They want dictatorship. I can see it. I have family in Florida that are straight military, baby boomer, confederate flag sons of bitches. I hear their language. I know them first hand. My grandpa is a deceased colonel from Vietnam and the Cold War. They collect guns. They don't seem to care about democracy unless its only for them. 

What next once baby boomers died off?  Is that when we have to reform again as a country? And only then? Are baby boomers holding this country hostage through their last dying racist breaths?

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I’m pushing 40, but you hit all the nails on the head. From the moment I was born I was taught their racism. I was in kindergarten before the first time I ever heard the word “black”. I’m not exaggerating about that. That’s a literal fact. Everyone knows the word I did know.

My father was a navy Vietnam vet. My grandfather was a WW2 army vet. I was in the marines until I busted my back. Out of 10 grandkids on my mother’s side I was the only one to even consider military. I was my grampas favorite anyway, but that just added to it. 

My parents were boomers. He died in 2000, thankfully. I have no idea if she is still alive or not, as I cut every last bit of my blood line out of my life several years ago. 

Their bullshit of complaining about how the younger generations are destroying the world gets old quick.

Wait, the younger generation is destroying the world? Aren’t you the only fuckwads that dropped a nuclear bomb on anyone? Yep, we’re destroying the world for sure. 

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