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Resident Evil 8: Village

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On 9/17/2020 at 4:03 PM, Kane99 said:

We got more of a glimpse at the PS5 showcase of the upcoming Resident Evil 8: Village. Who here is picking this one up on release? I didn't play much of 7, but I watched a play through of it and thought it was really well done. This game looks like more of what 7 was, which is a good thing. Also it looks like you'll be going through the woods a lot, so that should be scary spooky! 😄

Watch the new trailer below:



This looks fire. I’m interested in grabbing this fasho. I still have to complete the Nemesis Remake

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Does anybody here think that Revelations 2 completely copied the game called The Last of Us by Naughty Dog? 

OK. Allow me to explain...

- There's an immune girl who throws bricks.

- Barry resembles Joel. 

- Barry is like a surrogate father to Natalia Korda. 

- The crafting system is similar. 

- Enemies and boss fights look identical. 

- You can see enemies through walls. 

- There's a similar winter portion of the game, where you hunt rabbits. 

To me, RE8 is probably a glorified filler game so they can cut and paste assets into the trashy RE4 remake. Let's be honest. Capcom loves to cut corners.

That game doesn't need a remake. It's already available pretty much everywhere. You can even play RE4 on mobile devices. So what's the point in doing a remake? They'd just end up cutting out tons of enemies, plus a lot more. RE4 is a long game, so they likely will leave out a lot.

Sorry, but I just cannot see it being anything other than a total waste of good resources. After that, they're likely going to do a CVX remake as a cash grab as well, which is what they should have been doing anyway.

CV was released in 2000, after all. But I guess it's because CVX is not as popular as RE4 is. However, CV is the real sequel to RE2, so Capcom, this doesn't make any sense whatsoever. They just did RE3 on the PlayStation due to Capcom being contracted to make three Sony RE titles, not including Survivor, which is a side story game. That doesn't count. 


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