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How much PC storage do you have?

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I've got 3 drives.  The first is an intentionally small 256GB SATA SSD that I use for my OS and core applications only.  This is something that I feel anyone building a PC should do because this way if anything goes badly wrong and you have to reinstall your OS all your games, documents, pictures, music, videos and whatever else stored on the other drives(s) are unaffected.


The second is a 1TB NVMe SSD that I use for most of my bigger and/or more recent games that benefit the most from the faster loads times and such.


The third is a standard 2TB Hard Drive that I use for pretty much everything else, older games, media, downloads and so on.

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Just now, skyfire said:

I think if you are actively gaming then 59 GB would eventually finish and you need better and more sized hard disk or SSD. 

I have almost 400 GB spare storage so it is definitely not a problem for me yet. I also have quite a few games installed (such as GTA V, Fortnite, FIFA 21, Rocket League and 5-10 more games) and it hasn't been a problem.

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