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Amazon creates game streaming service, can it compete with Google Stadia and Xbox Xcloud?

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Source - CNN

Amazon Luna Page

So this is pretty interesting. Amazon has created their own game streaming service, where it's more like cable. You can request early access at the Amazon link above. The early access price is $5.99 a month, with unlimited hours of play, a growing library of games, and more. They also have an additional plans for Ubisoft games, but it is not selectable just yet. So maybe this will mean they will offer other gaming companies in the mix for additional prices. This could kill Google Stadia if done right. 

Xcloud might be a better option, considering the library, but this could potentially be better. We shall see how it plays out. 


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You were that close Amazon!


I am, however, going to assume this service does make its way to the free world at some point. I like the price and I like the line up of games. What I'm not sure about, and this is important given what Amazon's experience with streaming services is like, how reliable the service will be. I'll give them credit, they'e not as bad as they used to be, but game streaming is still an emerging technology and I'm still very unsure that the current infrastructure we have to support it is up to the task. This looks like it could wipe the floor with Stadia's complicated and expensive model, but I still think there's nothing that can touch Xbox Game Pass right now. Still, Luna is cheaper, so if it's reliable it could be worth looking onto.

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