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10 Games to Chill Out and Lower Your Stress Levels

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Source - Tech Spot

Do you recognize any of these games? What would you say is your favorite among them all? I think my favorite on this list is Minecraft or Superhot. I've played MC for a long time, but Superhot was relaxing to play when I played it years ago. 

What are some other relaxing games? 

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Low graphic games are best for me usually. Atari quality. I like Galaga, Asteroids, Q*Bert, Frogger, and Space Invaders for the most part. There are a lot on later systems up through the N64, but I don't feel like taking the time to list them.

I do have to mention one though. On Switch there's a game called Ascendance. It has got to be the most soothing and relaxing game in existence.



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1 hour ago, skyfire said:

I am aware of the firewatch and flow. And they can be remotely closer to the chilled and relaxed game. But since when sims and minecraft turned out to be relaxing games?

idk, I consider Minecract a relaxing game, especially if you play creative mode. I view it like legos or playing with toys as a kid. Survival mode can sometimes be relaxing too. 

As for the sims, I'm a bit more in agreement. I got frustrated and annoyed with the game a lot when I played the sims 3. 

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Picture yourself in the mountains, in a forest, by an ocean or lake, in a valley. Picture the stars at night reflecting off of ancient golden or silver armor. Picture the sun setting with all the different hues playing tricks behind every leaf falling, every branch swaying in the breeze. Picture the sun shining bright while sailing through a Mediterranean Coast. Hop out into the water and swim to the beach. Call your horse and gallop into the waiting forest. Wonder aimlessly. Find a fishing village and see their catch of the day. Watch them work and immerse yourself in their culture.

Hop on a smaller boat and cruise the coast line. It’s starting to rain. The lightening flashes in and out of clouds. Go back to your main boat and set sail to another island. Call your eagle to soar high above. See everything from high up or swoop low to check out an ancient temple or ruin. Just let yourself go while you soar up high again and let the landscapes open before your eyes. Let the music play.

Take pictures. Lots of them. You can move your camera around any direction. Take off all the armor and show that skin in a small two piece if you desire a beautiful woman or ripped muscles if you like men. The sun is rising again. Where do you want to go next? Trek through an entire country on a beautiful steed. See where it takes you.

Assassins Creed Odyssey

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