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The Blackangel

Anyone watch the debate (9-29-20)?

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It was hilarious. Adolf made a complete ass of himself as always, but went further than expected. Everyone was commenting on it. The interviews after the debate were even talking about how it was a "disgusting display of childish behavior on the part of tRump". He literally wouldn't shut his mouth for more than 4-5 seconds before he interrupted Hero Joe and the moderator both. The moderator was getting mad, and Hero Joe at one point said exactly "Will you shut up, man" which I intend to get tattooed on me. Adolf is terrified because he knows he has failed and is going to be leaving the White House in November, and he can't handle it. Hero Joe wasn't able to answer any of the questions in his allotted 2 minutes because Adolf wouldn't shut up and let him. Yet Hero Joe remained quiet during Adolf's 2 minutes. Adolf went for personal attacks, yet Hero Joe remained professional and stayed on topic with the issues that were supposed to be addressed during the debate. When he was able to get a word or two in that is, since Adolf wasn't willing to let him. And both sides agreed to the rules of the debate beforehand, yet Adolf stuck to none, and broke all.







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That wasn't a debate. It was one rude baby that kept interrupting everybody because he is a narcissistic asshole. The moderator needs to have them agree that if a person interrupts, that time will be taken out of their 2 minute answers. If they interrupted for a minute, next question he would have 1 minute to answer. And if the big baby still can't keep is lying hole shut and let anyone else talk, then the moderator should stand up and walk over to trump and tell him to be quiet like you would a child on public live tv.  

Trump knows he is in trouble and his plan is to silence Biden the best he can. That's all he can do. Trump was given the opportunity to denounce white supremacy right then and there, and he couldn't. He just couldn't do it!!! I think Americans finally raised an eyebrow after that. 


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