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Last game you finished and your rating?

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What was the last game you finished? What rating would you give out of 10? 1 being the worst and 10 being the best. Please fill out the below template and submit your responses! 


Rating(out of 10):

Name of video game:
Explain why: 


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Name of video game: Among Us
Explain why: I found game pretty engaging if you are stuck at home with people and want to play game with them. Like board games, this game has a chance of turning this game into group activity type. 

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Mafia: Definitive Edition : 4/10

It's an unfaithful remake that is a casuality of developer pride. Hangar 13 just wasn't content with re-creating the original in its perfection, they just had to re-write every line of a spoken text. And sadly the rewritten version can't even compare to the original. It's less classy, more crude, no allegory to it. All the characters seem like brutes, when in the original all seemed like classy businessmen despite being mafiosos. Even the protagonist is unlikeable now.


Full review: http://madblog.shacknet.us/mafia-definitive-edition/

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