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Michigan governor kidnap plot

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The FBI stopped a group of men from militias that plotted to kidnap the governor of Michigan in USA. This is a week after trump couldn't condemn white supremacy. For those that think I talk too much politics, well you must be clueless to what is going on in the USA. You thought I was paranoid. Well now I can say you better wake the fuck up. This isn't an isolated incident. These Nazis are spreading even to your countries. I'm glad you have shown a bit of toleration towards me. But now you better start fucking listening. 

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You're one of only a handful that are willing to see what's going on here. Be ready though, because there's a moronic asshole that is so gullible that he constantly tries to convince not only himself, but everyone else that Adolf has done anything other than give Nazis a foothold in the US government.

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