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Discuss a favorite game every day thread

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I thought this would be a fun thing to do to get discussions going about some of our favorite games, but instead, each new day, we'll talk about another favorite game of ours. Each person can talk about any game they want, but let's stick with one favorite for each person per day. 

Anyway, one of my favorites that I'd like to talk about, would have to be Alan Wake. As I said previously, I got my nephew to play it recently, and he really likes it. It's cool to see him playing it. As well, he's not bad at the game either, which surprised me. Anyway, I remember my brother played it before I did, but he never finished the game. I was always scared to try it, so I put it off for a few years. When I finally did play it, I fell in love with the game, and I wouldn't really call it a scary game, the controls make it a lot easier to deal with imo. It was easy to get into and a blast to play. The story is kind of campy, but that was a part of the charm. 

I wish they would give us a sequel already. But I doubt that will ever happen. At least with that game Control I can play that new Alan Wake DLC. I hope it's good. 

Anyway, feel free to discuss whatever game you want to talk about. Just make sure it's one of your favorites. 👍


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Well my intention was to discuss our favorite games. This wasn't intended like a forum game if that's what you guys thought it was. I might need to change the title of the thread to "discuss a favorite of yours each day" or something along those lines, as I clearly caused some confusion with the title. When you bring up a game, let's discuss why you consider it a favorite of yours, your history with it, do you have any fond memories with it, what did you not like about it? Etc. It can be just about anything. We can also respond to each other about their favorite games, it doesn't have to revolve around just posting a favorite game for each user. 

23 hours ago, The Blackangel said:

Does this mean an entire series, or can a person talk about different games from the same franchise? Like Zelda OoT today, and Majoras Mask tomorrow, and Windwaker the next?

If you want to say an entire series, I say go for it. This topic is really more about just discussing a favorite game of yours every day. But I'd prefer if people went into more detail as to why it's their favorite game(s) or franchises. 


On 10/17/2020 at 5:51 AM, AndreiMirfi said:

Project CARS.. the first one.


41 minutes ago, AndreiMirfi said:

DiRT 4

What makes these some of your favorite video games? Seems you're really into racing games. 🙂 

23 hours ago, skyfire said:

Devil may cry. 

What makes it one of your favorites? 

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Kickstart II / Commodore 64

It's only fair to select a game first from the first platform I played games on. Kickstart II is a side scrolling stunt bike race game, with split screen multiplayer. It also has a track builder.

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For me it's definitely Assassins Creed Odyssey. Honestly, I'm not too much into the story. I think all the amazing things they have done to the game was at the sacrifice of the story. But the story isn't bad. It's about average I would say. But it is the environment, and cities, villages and large map full of never ending places to explore that makes me love the game. There is a lot of detail in absolutely everything from people in the towns, animals, weather, caves and landscape. Even the sea battles and major land battles are cool. I can swim deep in the water and soar above everything with a bird's eye view using the eagle. 

Taking pictures is a treat I haven't seen in any other game by being able to have a 360 view and zoom in or out, and even edit pictures. I don't have problems with weight issues with all the cool gear. And the gear is amazing detail. Being able to switch out a helmet, chest piece, arms, feet, waist, weapons, and abilities, is something I love playing with. And having a female character that is beautiful and strong is a plus cause I'm tired of the same ol dumb he-man b.s. I do wish there were more options to have more available horse gear to play with. 

A negative is that it is easy to get carried away doing too many repetitive quests. But you really don't even have to do them in the first place. I love being able to tame animals such as a lion or any wild cat, bear, wolf or dog. Wish there were even more options there like taming a boar or even a goat. The fighting is pretty good. I can take a good pic right in the middle of an action and it always has great detail no matter which angle. I also love being able to climb on top of pretty much anything. That is true open world. I can change it from night to day anytime I want. It's a fun and beautiful game. I hope their future games keep all these great features, but improve on the stories and quests. It would actually be a masterpiece if they did. 


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And another thing about AC Odyssey is being able to create your own quests or play other's personally made quests if you have the internet. It's not perfect. The dialog you have to read everything because there is no voice over or lips moving since it isn't part of the game. But with improvements, can you imagine how awesome that can be? Something like that is definitely flirting with the future of gaming. 

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A game I'm going to talk about now is Donkey Kong Country. My goodness, this game was so iconic at the time. I remember the first time I played it, thinking this was it, this is how good graphics will look. lol But seriously, the graphics still look solid to this day and that gameplay, my god that gameplay is fantastic. Playing the cart levels was always a challenge, but I eventually got it down. 

Plus the music in this game is top notch as well. The water level music alone chills me right out. I love it! 

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6 hours ago, skyfire said:

Donkey kong is definitely fun and especially older version of it playing t on console was defiitely fun as well. 

It is. 🙂 I still have the SNES version of the game, and hook it up once in a while to play it. I haven't played many of the newer games though. 😞 

Anyway, another game I'd like to talk about today, would have to be the game Rampage on the NES. I remember it fondly as it was one of the first games I played with a friend of mine. He would get dropped off at my house and we'd go into my parent's room to play the NES for a couple hours until he'd have to go home. We would play some other games too, like TMNT 2 the arcade game, and a few others, but Rampage was one I remember playing a lot of. I don't remember if there was an ending, but we'd played for hours trying to complete it. Does it even have an ending? I would always get bored of playing for too long, as it was the same looking cities over and over. 

Does anyone remember playing the Rampage games? I only played the NES one, but I know there was one for the N64/PS1 as well. 

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