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Would you like this KFC themed Xbox Controller?

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New Xbox controllers are being released in preparation for the upcoming Xbox Series X/S releases. These controllers will work on current gen Xbox One consoles as well, so that's pretty cool. I saw some going for $60, which is cheap considering that controllers at the moment seem to be running up to $70-$80 at some sites. Anyway, I guess Xbox and KFC have teamed up in the UK for a contest where you can win this controller. In order to win, you have to go to a local KFC in the UK to enter this giveaway. Here's an image of the controller: 


Yeah, it's quite ugly I'd say lol. But I am surprised this isn't happening here in the US at local KFCs. I can see people trying to win this lol. If this was for sale, would you buy it? 

Read more about it at this article here - Half-Glass Gaming


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33 minutes ago, The Blackangel said:

I would buy it from someone who won it. If it's unique or limited edition anyway. It would be quite the collectible.

Oh for sure, this controller will eventually be sought after like any oddity in the gaming world. Just wish it wasn't so ugly lol. Now wait and see, Burgerking, McDonalds and others might even jump onto the bandwagon. 😄

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On 10/23/2020 at 8:32 PM, Reality vs Adventure said:

I sure can go for a bucket of chicken. Did you know the colors yellow, orange, and red stimulate appetite? 

Yeah, I heard something about that too. Makes sense since I always craved mac and cheese when watching The Lion King lol. It was probably because of the their color, since it's so close to what mac and cheese is. lol But yeah, I see that. Other cartoons made me crave food. 

5 hours ago, AndreiMirfi said:

I love KFC, but that's bad.

They could have at least tried to come up with a creative design. It just seems lazy to me. 

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