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Should cheaters be banned for life?

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Depends really, I mean they can use cheats in anyway,I completely understand why they don't ban them permently.

Compared to Fortnite where an aimbot can be an insane advantage, in wot it is "capped" at just giving you the ability to aim a little worse than how an experienced player, unicum if you want, would aim. And it's the same with a lot of cheats in this game,they help you if you are below a level but can't get you to being a very good player or compete against one. It's a game of experience and knowledge more than anything.

However nowadays if your account is ban, chnage open a new acount with new email and VPN setup and bang they can do it over again. 

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I say  esports if you going haft cheat should baned for life ppl grind meater ever day to get better get where gone if going fuck up for other  they should baned for life like this csgo player  had arm bot to that's wrong if in a team you haft do much work for as every body in that team 

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