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Any good racing game for ps4?

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NFS: Heat is a personal favorite of mine and you should give the Gran Tourismo games a look as well. If you're familiar with Need For Speed series, especially the newer games, you'll have a story mode with an open world to explore. You'll definitely enjoy the scenery. In addition to that, the customization options for vehicles is very extensive so your vehicles can feel really unique. 

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8 hours ago, veron12 said:

Here are some very good racing games for PS4:

  • Gran Turismo Sport
  • Project CARS 2
  • Need for Speed Heat
  • Wreckfest

I've never really heard of Wreckfest to be fair. Is it your typical racing game or does it have some twists? If so, what kind of twists?

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15 hours ago, Empire said:

Wreckfest. It's so much fun. The destruction in this game is just amazing and especially fun when playing online. Project cars is very simulation heavy, but something to look at. 

Wreckfest is a somewhat simple game but still fun six years later. I can't believe I had it in my Steam Library the entire time and didn't play it...Actually I can because I have a good amount of games that I've yet to play...

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13 hours ago, skyfire said:

Yeah graphics wise this is a good game. I think DiRt is specific on the niche so it gets more love from the community. 

In addition to that, Dirt has far more game modes and offers a bit more variety in terms of gameplay. Having said that, there is only so much you can do with a Rally game...

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