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Cover art is boring these days

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Is it just me, or is cover art super boring these days? I mean, most games I see these days, have mediocre covers. I just wish they did what movies did, by getting creative, maybe utilize art for the cover, or have a minimalist cover. I'm just tired of seeing all the images of dudes with guns looking angry at the camera. It's just lazy and boring. This is why I like Rockstars games covers. Like GTA has that distinct cover that all of their GTA games have. And even Bully, L.A. Noire had good covers. 

What do you guys think though? Are there some really awful covers? What are some of your favorite game covers?

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Covers are incredibly boring. It turns me off on a lot of games. My typical logic thinking is that if they put so little effort in making an attractive cover, then what is to make me think the game will be any better? Or even good for that matter. Back in the early days, game covers were all artistic as hell. beautiful drawings. I mean look at these:




Beautiful, right?

Now look at this.




Cover art has seriously gone down in quality.

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I have still seen good covers out there but aren't many. Most people or those that go and buy the game aren't fussed about what the covers look like, anyway as long as they got the game that they want to play they just put the box away to collect dust and never see it again. Keep in mind that nowadays everything is digital and you won't see any covers from steam or PS4 marketplace.

I think they keep it low cost cuttings, trying to keep it low cost by not putting to much work into the design. I see just a screenshot of the game that's just posted on the cover of the box. 


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Yeah the best covers usually come from Japan or other countries. The US I think has the annoying CEOs who want to have a certain cover, so they always have a guy facing the cover with a gun. They're always just mediocre. I wish covers were like the old days of movies, where it was mostly all artistic covers. 

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