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Gamestop cancel employee dance-off for Black Friday hours after Backlash

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On 11/18/2020 at 12:16 PM, The Blackangel said:

I'm thinking that they got the name backwards when they founded it. I think their initial name was StopGames as they seem to be anti-gaming as well as anti-intelligence.

You know...this isn't a half bad theory at all. Half the things Gamestop does are so anti consumer and downright ridiculous, it's a miracle they stayed in business long enough for Microsoft to buy them out.

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9 hours ago, skyfire said:

What next? gamestop competing with hooters? I mean dancebar, and the hookers is what is left now. But then again, it's their survival method. Not sure how that goes. 

You know, it's funny - I almost envisioned this as a more mild version of how they treat hookers at a strip club...

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Yeah and the worst part is that it does not even match the business model. I mean I can imagine hookers in ice cream parlour but not in tech shop where we actually don't need to see boobs and booty to make decision on the games, screen size, RAM etc. Tech has no place for the provocative figures when making sane purchases. 

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