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Has anyone ever noticed this in Super Mario 64?

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I’ve been playing Super Mario 64 since the 90s and I only noticed this sometime last or this year. I did another play-through of Super Mario 64 and I noticed that in Hazy Maze Cave, if Metal Mario is not moving in the yellow fog, he coughs... It took a while for me to notice that because usually you’re running through the hazy maze with the metal cap before it runs out, but just this once I decided to stop and look around and I noticed he was actually coughing lol

Has anyone else noticed this years before I did?

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9 hours ago, Kane99 said:

Can't say I noticed it either, probably because I rush through that area too. Next time I play, I might try that out and see it for myself. Or I could just watch it on YouTube. 😄 

I'll spoil it for you - yep he's right. I think that's why I probably didn't notice this as well because I always rush through that region or maybe I did notice but just didn't think much of it at the time.

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