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How long does it take you to play a game compared to other people?

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I am a super slow gamer. I have noticed that on average, I can add 50% or more to the “average” estimate for how long it takes to play a game. So, if a game is listed as six hours, it will take me at least nine, sometimes even ten or twelve hours.


How do your playthrough times tend to compare to the numbers you typically see listed?

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I honestly haven't ever seen a listed estimate on time it would take for any game. Maybe I'm not reading the right reviews or something. But then I don't pay attention to most reviews anyway.

As for me, it truly depends on the game itself. My first run through RDR2 took several months because I wanted to explore everything. But then with games that I have been playing for several decades, I can usually blow through them in just 3-4 hours, unless the game itself is a particularly long or short game. Then the time will vary from that. For example, I can beat Zelda A Link To The Past on SNES from beginning to end in roughly 2-3 hours. I have a relatively short attention span, that's why it would take me that long. Even right now I have it paused as I'm typing this.

But for longer games like FF8, it will take me maybe a week or two. That's because I get bored playing it after a while and have to save and shut it off. I haven't played it for a couple months as I completely burned out on it. I'm actually burned out on gaming a bit to be honest.

With games that don't have a save feature, that is completely random. Some may take ten minutes and others may take ten hours. It all depends on the difficulty and style of the game, and whether or not I'm rusty at playing it. For example I used to be able to beat the first 3 Mortal Kombat games on SNES at the hardest setting without even trying. Now I can't get through one fight on the easiest setting. RUSTY. AS. HELL.

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I rarely beat a game as quickly as other people, especially if we go by Steam's way of clocking hours played (which is hours the app has been open, even if it isn't in use or doesn't launch correctly). I typically alt-tab to do all sorts of stuff, leaving games on in the background as I do things that could add upwards of three hours per day onto the time recorded. However I like to think I'm good at guesstimating the time I'm away and how much I can deduct from the counter shown on Steam, but even then I'd still say I spend much longer than the average person, even longer than other completionists.

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