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Is there a type or genre of game you have never played?

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Wow, that's a hard one. I have at least a little bit of experience with just about everything. I was going to say sci-fi, but then remembered that I played Star Wars a couple times when I was younger on the N64 and actually still have Shadows Of The Empire in my library. Even though I haven't played it in decades. Maybe a nonfiction game, if such a thing exists. If there are any, let me know a couple titles and I can answer that option better. I'll go through the genres I can think of and list at least one game that I have played, but it won't necessarily be the only one in that genre.


Sports - random snowboarding games
Fantasy - Zelda
Adult - Conker
Children - Banjo Kazooie
Oddball - Earthworm Jim 2
Alien - Blaster Master
Sci-fi - Star Wars
Horror - Layers Of Fear
Fighting - Mortal Kombat
Side Scroller - Mario
TV/Movie Based - Friday The 13th
Game Shows - Jeopardy
Vampire - Castlevania
Open World - RDR2
Classic - Frogger


That's all that is coming to mind at the moment. I know a couple are getting rather specific, but I felt they were big enough of a genre that I should include them.

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