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What game will you be playing this year

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We are into the year 2021 and I know a lot of gamers will be looking forward to the coming out games and on my list are.

Hitman 3 and the pedestrian.

I know the hitman is going to be the talk of the year but am not sure how the pedestrian will look like.

What games are you planning on playing this year.

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I think my top 3 games I'll be playing in 2021 are some games that came out the end of 2020.

Cyberpunk 2077

AC Vahalla

Ghost of Tsushima

As far as games that are coming out in 2021, I'll have to wait and see what actually comes out. Horizon Forbidden West is a must!!! 

I am going to get Skyrim for the ps4 and tackle that in 2021. 

Those are already some big games... see how it goes! And I have to say goodbye 2020. This has been my greatest gaming year so far as a new gamer. Looking forward to the adventures that awaits!

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I'm playing The Medium right now and am hoping to play quite a few other games this year, including perhaps most of all Stray, Lake, The Artful Escape, The Big Con, Psychonauts 2, Returnal, Where the Heart Is, Ghostwire: Tokyo, and 12 Minutes. And probably Horizon: Forbidden West as well if it's indeed released this year.

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I'm gonna go back and finish Cyberpunk, but at this point I'm waiting for a couple of more patches before I jump back in. I'm one of the people who actually really liked Cyberpunk, I just stopped playing for a while when I was away for Christmas, and haven't gotten back into it yet. 

Other than that, the only game I'm really looking forward to right now is Persona 5 Stikers. I really loved Persona 5, so I'm pretty exited for this one.

Oh, and I'm gonna get a PS5 as soon as they're available again. Really looking forward to that.

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