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Cutest video games

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  • Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout would be cute if it weren't for the snarling, rabid fanbase that was an inevitable result of its explosive popularity.
  • Diddy Kong Racing immediately springs to mind, and I have to agree with CGR Undertow's description in his review as it being "sweet", a word I attribute quite liberally to We Happy Few.
  • Katamari Damacy and The Wonderful End of the World are also cute games. You roll a ball around sucking things up to become a bigger ball to suck bigger things up.
  • Klonoa: Door to Phantomile and its sequels and spinoffs are some of the best platform mascot games I've ever seen, and it's an IP that's woefully underused by Namco.

I'll ponder this further because there's a few more games I know fit this bill.

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Animal Crossing, This is the one I seen others that has played played. Super cute and crazy addictive too. So much customization, trying to get cool items like the Nintendo stuff and set up a sweet house. I’ll pretty much play any game that has a grind to it or let's you fish, usually I'm not disappointed. But this is so much girly type cutest game.

Followed by Fall Guys, It's just crazy and the characters are just look weird. But people/players love it. 

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3 hours ago, skyfire said:

Have you thought about cuteness in the horror games? In that case the little nightmares and the limbo are two good games. 

Played it but never thought about this game for the thread title. I don't thinks so 😞  since it's a horror game and most people won't even thought about how cute she/he is. It's dark and dirty with long hair and you can't really see. 

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