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AtGames makes arcade & pinball machines now?

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AtGames is known for usually making some crappy retro style consoles that don't really work so well. They made the first sega genesis classic, and it didn't do well, so Sega had to do it all themselves with a new one. 

But, it looks like AtGames are now working on arcades and pinball machines. 

One of them is the Legends Pinball machine, which will come with a bunch of pinball games. Is this something you'd ever get? 


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5 hours ago, skyfire said:

It is surprising that people still play the pinball games. I mean over here many malls closed down the games section of those arcade and pinball like decade back. 

Yeah, not many people play Pinball these days. I think the only places that still might have them, are hotels, theaters, bars, and other places. With this thing, they are adding a bunch of pinball games in there. 🙂 

I kind of want to get one of these for my dad, as he used to play pinball a lot as a kid and teen. 

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