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TIL Jack in Mass Effect 2 was supposed to be pansexual

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I just read a report that originally, Jack in Mass Effect 2 was being written as pansexual, not straight, which makes sense given her threesome reference in dialogue, but they caved under media pressure and made her straight. Seems like such an odd choice to me given FemShep can romance Samara, Morinth, Liara, and sleep with Kelly as well--I wonder why Jack was "too much." In any case, that's the explanation, in case anyone else found this as weird/disappointing as I do.

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Yeah, I was always sad I couldn't romance her as Femshep, especially since, the first time I played, I look at her and went, "Oh, she's *definitely* a lesbian" lol

I think there was a period of time when ME1 and ME2 came out where a woman sleeping with a female-looking alien was somehow more acceptable to the moral guardians than sleeping with an actual woman. You'll notice that three of the Femshep romance options you mentioned (Sarmara, Morinth, and Liara) were all asari. And I don't remember there actually being a Femshep romance path for Kelly Chambers, I think you could just kind of flirt with her. But I could be misremembering.
I think this hangup over gayness was mostly gone by the time ME3 came out, though. Because not only did we get Samantha Trainor for Femshep, we also got Cortez and Kaiden for Dudeshep.

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