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Stupidest video game bans by regulators

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How strictly are we interpreting the term "ban" here? I ask because the controversy over Rule of Rose was by far the most ridiculous I've ever seen surrounding any one video game before. There were indeed straight-up ban proposals directed toward it in France, Poland, at the EU parliament, and it wound up being cancelled in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom as a result of all the panic. The basis? Rumors that it featured children being buried alive underground and under-aged sexual sado-masochism. In reality, the game features no sexual content at all and most certainly does not feature children being buried alive. None of this stuff was true! As a result though, very few copies of the game were ever made and it is today, on average, the most expensive PlayStation 2 game one can buy second-hand. An unused copy goes for more than $900 today on eBay.

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1 hour ago, StaceyPowers said:

What are the dumbest video game bans by regulators you’ve heard of? I disapprove of all video game bans, but I remember reading once that a Fallout game was banned because of chems, which I thought was extra ridiculous.

Of all the things to ban Fallout for such as starring in pornography, killing children (including one who 'invented' the addictive substance Jet), slavery, and depending on your stats, putting a mentally ill adult in mortal peril, and drugs are what they go with? Interesting.

I wish I could add to this but I can't think of many games that are outright banned, much less for silly reasons. And I live in a country that's very conservative about video game content.

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I can't think of anything off the top of my head. Maybe the way Mortal Kombat was hated by politicians and parental groups, but looking back, the content was relatively tame compared to today's standards. 

Oh, the big one that I can recall now, is Night Trap. That game where you have to trap masked vampires or something. It was a weird game, and people thought it was literally porn or a snuff film. It was far from that. It was more a corny interactive movie than anything else. 

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Hatred and Postal 2 were banned in a multitude of countries due to the violence of the game. I've played both, and while I agree that they are indeed violent, they're no more violent than many of the games that everyone plays on a regular basis. The only real difference is the plot and mission.

If it's too violent for your sensibilities, then just don't buy the fucking thing.

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