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Resident Evil Village

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The new merchant ("The Duke") looks incredibly silly. That type of thing doesn't really belong in a franchise, that we all know is meant to involve disasters revolving around science. Right? 

What does this game have to do with the general lore, established up to this point in time? Likely, not a great deal. 🤑

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Well, RE4 is set in a village too, yet that game really doesn't have bugger all to do with the story established in any of the previous games. Other than the fact Leon returned, of course. But he was so different in terms of his general personality. To me, Leon in RE4 was nothing like how Leon was in RE2.

Vampire type enemies don't really belong in the series, if I have to be honest. This is why some people think this game is going to be incredibly obscure. Not to mention, RE4 is receiving a remake. A remake! It's not just another port, like they have been doing for years upon years by this point.

RE4 doesn't need a remake. And the original RE4 is a long game. They will probably remove stuff from the original RE4 to save time and money, or to half-bake everything. 

RE4 from 2005 is considered to be a large game, so Capcom has to pull their weight to make that remake turn out reasonably good. If they cut a lot of content or alter the plot too much, as they're known to do, then nobody will be happy. And me personally, I don't particularly care about seeing any further remakes at all. It just shows that they are stuck on ideas, and so they just choose to rehash their previous titles, as it's easier to recreate something by switching up a few things. 

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On 1/30/2021 at 1:42 PM, Empire said:

RIght, Wait, one of the best, most interesting characters in the entirety of the Resident Evil universe, Ethan Winters is back? Is that right?

We will hear more as it gets closer! 


After Ethan Winters was infected and revived, it's his unnatural healing ability that I really love about his character. 

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